Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is property management?

A. Property management is the handling of real estate matters for a property that is put up for rent.

Q. Why do I need a property manager?

A. Using a property management agency will allow you to keep a personal and financial distance from your investment and provide professional representation for yourself and your rental property. Your property manager will act as a mediator between you and your tenant to address any property and tenancy related questions and complaints. Property managers have sound knowledge of the industry, their local area, market rents and trends and the governing real estate laws and Acts.

Q. What can you do for me that another property manager cannot?

A. Rental Platform prides itself in providing a very professional, personalised property management service that works both ways in ensuring your property is always being managed and maintained at the highest standard. We focus on property management. Rental Platform is owner operated and family based therefore you can be assured that every duty of care is taken to ensure your property is being effectively managed. Staff are not turning over ensuring continuity of good service to both yourself and your tenant. Communication is essential and you can be assured that whatever is happening at your property, you will be told about it in a timely manner.

Q. How do I change management of my property from another agency?

A. It's a simple process! Simply contact Rental Platform and then we will handle the rest on your behalf. Your current agent will be notified of your intention to terminate property management service, your tenant will be notified of the upcoming change and then when the transition is due, we will collect your property file and keys. We aim for a smooth transition to welcome and settle your investment property and tenancy in.

Q. How often are disbursements to the owner made? Can I have them directly credited to my bank account if I ask for it?

A. Payments are made monthly into your nominated account and more often upon request.

Q. In the event that no-one is in my property, what methods will you use to attract new tenants?

A. Your property will be uploaded to the internet and ported out to mainstream real estate websites. We will conduct inspections by appointment and by open home. A sign will be erected at your property when permitted.

Q. How do you screen tenants?

A. Tenants are screened using the information they provide on their application to verify them personally and professionally. Their rental history is also checked with previous landlords/agents. We also subscribe to TICA – tenant default register used throughout New Zealand and Australia and VEDA - credit and tenant default register.

Q. How do you monitor tenant care of the premises?

A. Internal and external inspections are carried out throughout the tenancy and you are invited to attend or have someone attend on your behalf.  A pictorial report is sent to the owners and tenants. Drive-bys are also conducted by staff when in the area.

Q. What is fair wear and tear?

A. Fair wear and tear is the deterioration in a property through normal and reasonable use of the property or changes that happen with ageing.

Q. What action do you take when a tenant is behind in rent?

A. Tenants are sent a friendly reminder message within 3-7 days and issued a breach notice on day 8 as per legislation time frames. If rent is still unpaid by the expiry date on the notice, owner instruction is sought and a Notice to Leave is likely to be issued followed by tribunal action if required.

Q. Have you had any past complaints from other owners?

A. Rental Platform staff have held a good professional rapport with previous and current owners. Even when unfavourable issues arise, lines of communication are kept open for problems to work their way through without any grievance between Rental Platform staff and clients.

Q. What does property management actually entail?

A. Property management covers the daily operation of all tasks to oversee, maintain and manage your property. It is a full time position that takes care, precision and duty of care when executing daily and routine tasks. We have taken the time to break down the basic tasks involved when handling property and tenancy matters so you have a clear understanding of why it is important to select a property management specialist within the industry.

Rent: Collection of rent, Reviewing market rent, Adjusting tenant rent accordingly, Monitoring rent payment and arrears, Action breaches for rent default

Tenants: Finding tenants, Screening tenants, Handling leases and extensions, Handling questions, complaints and disputes, Arranging for maintenance and repairs as brought to attention, Action breaches for tenancy default, Completing vacates and associated tasks

Property: Conduct vacant property inspections, Complete thorough entry reports, Conduct routine inspections, Ensure property is being maintained and is in good working repair, Water meter readings, Arrange for maintenance and repairs as required, Arrange for legislative maintenance as legally required

Owners: Report on all property matters for; Vacant Properties- advertising, enquiries, inspection feedback, repairs & maintenance, applicants, Tenancy- queries and complaints, repairs and maintenance, market rents, upcoming lease expiry, vacating tenants, inspections, Maintenance and Repairs, Legislative maintenance, Market reviews for rent and trends, Payments from rental funds & Represent owners for all tenancy and property matters as per the management agreement

Administration: Ensuring up to date management agreements are in place, Prepare file for new lease commencement; general tenancy agreement, bond lodgement form, entry condition report, sufficient keys/remotes supplied and recorded, pool handover reports, smoke alarm compliance certificate, pool safety certificate, water efficiency certificate, inventory, Monitoring lease expiry and preparing extensions of tenancy agreements, Payment of trades invoices for maintenance and repairs, Record keeping for all property matters, Preparation of insurance and QCAT claims, Updating management agreements and tenancies to conform with changing legislation, Providing owner with copies of tenancy and property related paperwork

Accounting and Finances: Receipting of rents, Invoicing tenants for water, pool service and other property related matters noted in their tenancy agreement, Payment of trades and property related invoices on behalf of owners, Accounting for funds held in trust, Twice monthly financial reporting to owner, End of year financial reporting to owner, Trust account balancing