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Property management is more than renting property. It is about connecting with people!

Whether you are stepping into the Blackwater or Gold Coast rental market as a savvy investor or transitioning yourself from property owner to landlord, we at Rental Platform welcome you.

At Rental Platform we work with the knowing that property management is more than just collecting your rent. Property management is about connecting with people through property and connecting people to property. Through the respect and trust that is built from these connections, we customise your service to support your valuable investment and reinforce your rental strategy goal. We extend the same courtesy of respect to your tenants when they choose to rent your home.

We are property management problem solvers!

At Rental Platform, we get it that you want a stress free property management experience that comes from being able to rely on your property manager's proactive performance.

From the very first meeting we want to know and understand your motivations and expectations for property management service.

When all the cards are on the table, we customise solutions to deliver a premium service that focuses on your rental strategy goals.

We are strong communicators!

We believe strongly that property management is about building relationships through providing good communication.

We know who you are when you call and which property you own and who your tenants are, giving that personalised and professional approach.

You will be kept in the loop for what is happening at your property, within our agency and within the industry.

We respect you, your business and your tenant!

Rental Platform operates with a firm but fair approach.

We respect the honour you bestow in selecting our agency to manage your investment and we will work to assist you to meet your rental strategy goals.

Your tenant will receive the same level of professional courtesy and service extended to you in having chosen to rent their home through Rental Platform.

Your service will be carried out based on the expectations we set out at the beginning of management.

We work for you!

At Rental Platform, you will experience a boutique level of personalised service with professional representation of your property to the rental market.

We incorporate your individual needs with your desired inclination of involvement in the daily management of your property.

Whilst some tasks are routine and others extraordinary, all property and tenancy matters are handled with attention to detail to ensure your property is being managed and maintained in it's highest possible standard of presentation and repair.


Simply, it's your property and we will work with you to reach your rental strategy goals!

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