Policies & Procedures
Conducting business with integrity & duty of care

 At Rental Platform we proudly accept and step up to the responsibility bestowed when you select one of our professional property management services. To ensure that we support you in the effective management of your property, there are strict policies and procedures we adhere to.


Application Screening Criteria  

Upon submission of a tenancy application into our office, we insist that the tenant must provide sufficient identification and supporting documents to verify themselves both personally and financially. The applicant must provide a strong rental history and/or references from a professional objective third party to account for the way in which the applicant maintains their home. All applicants must be referenced through TICA and VEDA. Landlords are notified of the application and instructions sought upon completion of the screening process for their final approval. In the even we cannot make contact with the landlord, a tenant will only be placed if the application meets our criteria and it is in the best interest of the landlord.

Upon approval of application, the applicant must pay a 2 week holding deposit for the property that is non-refundable after 48 hours. Written communication must be provided within the 48 hours for the deposit to be refunded in full.

Property Inspections 

It is vital to get your property rented and appointments will be scheduled to suit inspecting parties and staff, however for the safety of Rental Platform staff group inspections will be conducted where possible.

No keys will be handed out to persons enquiring about rental properties.

Rent Arrears Procedure

Rents are monitored upon each day of business. In the event that tenants do not make payment the following procedure applies;

Day 3-7. Friendly email or text message reminder that payment is overdue

From day 8. Issue tenant with RTA form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach for rent default

Form 11 expiry. Notify landlord and Issue RTA form 12 Notice to Leave for failure to remedy breach

Form 12 expiry. Notify landlord and apply to QCAT for rent default

Bond for Property

The Residential Tenancies Authority caps bond that can be taken as assurance against your property for property up to $700 per week. There is no cap for property from $701. Rental Platform firmly requests the following bond payment from tenants or as instructed by the landlord for uncapped property;

Bond is equivalent to 4 weeks rent for property up to and including $700 per week

Bond is equivalent to 5 weeks rent for property $701 - $1500 per week

Bond is equivalent to 6 weeks rent for property $1501 + per week

Upon approval and prior to commencement of tenancy, the tenant must pay bond and no less than 2 weeks rent. Unless otherwise instructed by the lessor, the lease will not be signed by our office nor will keys be handed over if bond and rent is not paid in full.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are scheduled 2-3 times a year. The first inspection is carried out shortly after the lease commencement date. Routine inspections culminate a walk through of the property interior and external area to monitor the care taken by the tenant and note the condition and maintenance that may be required. Inspections are booked up to a month ahead and the landlord and tenant notified no less than 7 days of the inspection date. Landlords are welcome to attend the appointed inspection. Written reports with pictures are electronically sent to both the landlord and tenant.

Property Maintenance

Maintenance and/or repairs needed at a property will be dealt with as provided for within the PAMD form 20a or PO Form 6 (management agreement) and work orders actioned on the same day brought to attention. Courtesy correspondence will be provided to landlords advising of the maintenance issue and work ordered.

Landlord Insurance/Public Liability Insurance

Rental Platform strongly recommends that all landlords carry landlord insurance. Although all due care is taken to screen tenants prior to their moving in, we cannot foresee future issues that may interrupt rent payments and/or good care being taken at your property or how a tenant may act under negative pressure. We recommend you read the financial services guide, terms and conditions of all landlord insurance policies you consider to determine which insurer best suits your needs. A certificate of currency must be provided by the landlord upon commencement of management for public liability cover.

Privacy Policy

Please click this direct link for access to Rental Platform's Privacy Policy.

Client & Customer Dispute Policy & Procedure

The real estate industry is based on service. Rental Platform acknowledges the responsibility and commitment to providing and maintaining a high and professional service standard through staff conduct and the services offered. Client and customer feedback is important to us in providing a benchmark for how we are servicing you. At Rental Platform we not only want to maintain a high professional standard in our work conduct and the services we provide but we will continuously strive to improve in these areas.

If you wish to provide feedback, please use the following steps;

General Feedback:

  1. Please provide your feedback in writing directly to the staff member involved or contact the Principal.
  2. An acknowledgement letter will be provided to you within 5 business days. 

Dispute Resolution:

  1.  Speak to the staff member involved to give them the opportunity to address the matter if possible. If you are not happy with their response, you may contact their superior.
  2. Contact the Principal in writing and outline your concern and what outcome would you best see as a resolve and provide a return reply address.
  3. The Principal will acknowledge receipt of your concern within 5 business days and may contact you within this time for further information. If your concern requires further investigation for an issue that you raise, you should receive a more comprehensive response within 14 days of the initial acknowledgement letter.
  4. Should you still not be satisfied with the outcome, you may contact the REIQ for further advice.