At Rental Platform you are in the most capable hands.

Often clients are moving out of their family home and we understand the sentiment that can be attached to a property when deciding to list it on the rental market. We are sensitive to your new situation when transitioning your property and commend you on making the albeit brave decision to acquire wealth through property. Having made this decision it is necessary to put your emotional attachment aside and wear your business hat. You are now in the business of property investment and whether you are a new investor in the property market or moving out of your family home it is essential to surround yourself with a trusted professional team that has your best interest at the fore.


You wouldn't hand your car keys to a stranger but handing your  investment property keys to a stranger is exactly what you will be doing when you secure a tenant. The significant buffer in between is your property manager.  Be selective in your property manager choice before handing over the keys to your expensive investment. 


Property management is a comprehensive service that covers the daily operation of all tasks to oversee, maintain and manage your property. The basic duties and tasks are the same everywhere you go but the difference will lie in the way in which we (property managers) conduct ourselves in performing those duties. 

Rental Platform is a boutique property management agency that takes pride in providing an invariable high level of client service and property care and we have decades of experience.

We totally understand the 'big deal' it is to be entrusted with your financial investment.

We know who you are when you call and which property you own and who your tenants are, giving that personalised and professional approach. And you can be assured of a friendly welcome greeting every time you call. :)


Engaging Rental Platform will allow you to keep a personal and financial distance from your investment and provide professional representation for yourself and your rental property. Plus it's a tax deductible service.

We will act as a mediator between you and your tenant to address any property and tenancy related questions and complaints. You can take peace of mind in knowing that our staff have sound knowledge of the profession, the local area, market rents and trends and the governing real estate legislation and Acts. 


At Rental Platform you will experience professional representation for you and your property. Property management is our focal business and what we know best. We don't expect you to just take our word for it, play our short video below and hear what our clients have to say.