Property Management Overview

Vacant Property Marketing

ü  Quality photos will be taken and an attention grabbing advertisement written to promote your property professionally to the rental market.

ü  Your property listing will be uploaded to our Rental Platform website and prominent real estate websites plus shared on our facebook social media page.

ü  A Rental Platform ‘For Rent’ sign will be erected at the front of your property where permitted and our database of actively looking tenants will be notified.


Property Inspections & Tenant Selection

 ü  Personally appointed inspections will be conducted by Rental Platform staff’.

ü  No keys will be handed out to enquiring persons for added security.

ü  We conduct comprehensive application screening including personal and professional information verification, confirm ability to pay rent, contact current and prior landlords for rental references and check names against tenant default registries TICA and VEDA.

ü  Upon your approval of tenancy your new tenant will be advised and a 2 weeks rent payment will be requested to confirm acceptance and secure tenancy.

ü  A copy of all entry paperwork will be forwarded to you for your record once complete.


Entry Condition Reports & Routine Inspections

ü  Prior to tenancy our staff will visit your property and complete the Entry Condition Report. The Entry Condition Report is a detailed report of the property both inside and outside noting property details, rooms, fixtures and fittings and condition of such. Pictures are taken to support the condition noted at the commencement of each tenancy. This additional detail leaves less room for discrepancy upon the tenant vacating.

ü  Routine Inspections are conducted regularly and owners are invited to attend.

ü  Electronic, photographic reports are sent to landlords and tenants upon completion of routine inspections


Rent Collection & Lease Expiry

ü  Rent is receipted daily and paid to dates are monitored to ensure rent is paid up to date

ü  Strict policies and procedures apply for rent default and you will be contacted if course action is required.

ü  Expiring leases are monitored monthly and rent reviews are conducted 2-3 months out to perform a current market analysis to compare market rent and view trends and how this impacts your rent for lease renewal. It is a legal requirement to give 2 months’ notice of any changes to the renewed lease. You will make the final decision for lease continuity and rent terms.

ü  A copy of the signed General Tenancy Agreement renewal will be forwarded to you for your record.


Maintenance & Repairs

ü  Repairs and maintenance will be co-ordinated with your authority and invoices paid on your behalf from available rental funds.

ü  Only qualified and fully insured contractors and technicians are used for service.

ü  Rental Platform will work in with your current service contractors or engage contractors for service on your behalf for pool and/or lawn and garden maintenance..


Termination of Tenancy

ü  Upon termination notice being received from or issued to your tenant, you will be notified and an exit inspection will be scheduled.

ü  A current market analysis will be completed and your instruction will be sought for advertising rent and lease terms.

ü  Upon the exit inspection being completed an assessment and summary of claim will be made over the bond and you will be notified of the outcome.


Trust Accounting and Financial Reporting – Monthly and End of Financial Year

ü  Monthly payments are paid into your nominated account with statements/invoices automatically emailed out to clients.

ü  End of Financial Year summaries are electronically sent upon payment to you of June rental funds.