Property Management Transfer Myth... Busted!

Is it time to terminate your property manager, end relations and move on?

Often we hear of property owners unhappy with their current property management and surprisingly they just accept poor service.

This is when you must put on your business hat and remove all emotion from the situation. This is your business and property management is not an expense. It is an investment in your business. Your are building wealth through property investment.


Ask yourself, 'Is your property manager working with you to assist you in achieving you rental strategy goal?

If the answer is not a fast yes, then it's time to get pro-active and take charge of your investment!


Switching property management agencies is easy!

We can tell you that we have heard all the 'excuses' and we can overcome every single one!

- It's too hard - BUSTED!

- It will be hard on my tenant - BUSTED!

- I need to wait until the tenant vacates- BUSTED!

- I need to wait until the end of the month or financial year- BUSTED!

- It will take too much of my time -BUSTED!


At Rental Platform we keep it simple!

Step 1 - Complete this form to engage our service.

Step 2 - Complete this form and email it to your current property manager to terminate your contract.

Step 3 - Have a coffee and relax! Transfer done! We will do the rest.


We make property management & renting really easy!


Rental Platform - Property Management Transfer is easy!


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