Bridging the gap between landlord and tenant!

As a tenant entrusted to rent property via our agency, we extend to you our high standard of property management service in handling your tenancy matters. We acknowledge that this property will become your home and we will provide you the same respect for the professional rapport we have with your landlord to ensure you a positive tenancy experience.

Contents Insurance

Rental Platform strongly recommends that all tenants take out a contents insurance policy. In an unfortunate event, the property owner's insurance does not cover tenant's personal items.


Rent and tenancy payments

Rent Payment Methods:

  • Direct Credit

  • Direct Debit via Pay Advantage – incurs 0.85c fee per debit & $3.30 dishonour fee

  • BPAY – no fee for payments from savings and cheque account

  • BPAY – using credit cards incurs 1% surcharge that will be invoiced to you after payment has been received into the trust account.

The 2 week holding deposit will become your first 2 weeks rent. Rent is due and payable again in 2 weeks from your lease start date. Rent must always be paid ahead of the week and on time. The arrears process will follow through for late payment. If for some reason rent is paid late, notify the office immediately. 


Rent arrears procedure

Rents are monitored upon each day of business. In the event that tenants do not make payment the following procedure applies;

Day 3-7. Friendly email or text message reminder that payment is overdue

From day 8. Issue tenant with RTA form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach for rent default

Form 11 expiry. Notify landlord and Issue RTA form 12 Notice to Leave for failure to remedy breach

Form 12 expiry. Notify landlord and apply to QCAT for rent default


Reporting maintenance

Your property manager will endeavour to have maintenance attended to in a timely manner. We can assure you that maintenance will be actioned for either approval by the landlord or ordered as approved within the management agreement between our office and your landlord when brought to our attention.

Maintenance should be requested via email with photos if possible.


For Emergency Maintenance - Rental Platform  0449 064 461

SES: 132 500 (storm damage, rising flood water, fallen trees on buildings, damaged roof)

If Rental Platform contact can't be reached and your maintenance is considered an 'emergency repair', please contact a reputable, qualified trades person to attend. Receipts will need to be provided to the office before you can be reimbursed.  Please see below to determine if your repair is an emergency.

 What's the difference between an emergency repair and a routine repair?

"The law lists a variety of situations that are considered emergency repairs including:
  • a burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • a blocked or broken lavatory system
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the premises for hot water, cooking or heating, and
  • a fault/damage that is likely to cause injury, undue inconvenience or which makes the premises unsafe or insecure (for example broken stairs).
If your situation is not listed as an emergency repair it is considered a routine repair."


Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are scheduled regularly throughout the year. The first inspection is carried out approximately 6-8 weeks after the lease commencement date. Routine inspections culminate a walk through of the property interior and external area to monitor the care taken by the tenant and note any damage caused and maintenance that may be required. Inspections are booked up to a month ahead and the landlord and tenant notified no less than 7 days of the inspection date. Landlords are welcome to attend the appointed inspection. Photos are taken for reporting purpose only.



 Q. How much notice do I need to give when I want to move out?

A. 2 weeks minimum written notice must be provided to the office. An emailed copy of your notice of intention to vacate the premises is acceptable. Please be aware that the 2 weeks notice takes effect from the day of receipt of the notice at the office.

RTA Top Tips for Moving Out:

Q. What is involved in ending my lease early?

A. In unforeseen circumstances when your lease may end before it expires, we will provide you with a form that requires signatures from all tenants. Once returned to the office, the property will be advertised and shown to prospective tenants. All applications will be presented to the owner for their final decision. There are costs associated with ending your lease early and these will be noted on your break lease form. Compensation may be sought for rent payments that would normally be paid under the lease, had the lease continued. 

Q. Do I have to pay for water?

A. The landlord may pass on water consumption charges if the property is water efficient and water is separately metered. Excess water charges will be passed on to tenants where the property is separately metered but not water efficient.

Q. What is the contact detail for the Residential Tenancy Authority?



Client & customer dispute policy & procedure

The real estate industry is based on service. Rental Platform acknowledges the responsibility and commitment to providing and maintaining a high and professional service standard through staff conduct and the services we offer. Client and customer feedback is important to us in providing a benchmark for how we are servicing you. At Rental Platform we not only want to maintain a high professional standard in our work conduct and the services we provide but we will continuously strive to improve in these areas.

If you wish to provide feedback, please use the following steps;

General Feedback:
Please provide your feedback in writing directly to the staff member involved or contact the Principal. An acknowledgement letter will be provided to you within 5 business days.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Speak to the staff member involved to give them the opportunity to address the matter if possible. If you are not happy with their response, you may contact their superior.

  • Contact the Principal in writing and outline your concern and what outcome would you best see as a resolve and provide a return reply address.

  • The Principal will acknowledge receipt of your concern within 5 business days and may contact you within this time for further information. If your concern requires further investigation for an issue that you raise, you should receive a more comprehensive response within 14 days of the initial acknowledgement letter.
    Should you still not be satisfied with the outcome, you may contact the REIQ or RTA for further advice. 

 Privacy Policy Please click this direct link for access to Rental Platform's Privacy Policy.



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