Always puts customer service as her first priority

Angela & Vince Connell , 25 Jun 2015

My family and I have been renting our property through Rental Platform now for one and a half years. Prior to this we owned our own home.

Tamison has continuously gone above and beyond what we would expect in managing the property we rent. 

Right from the beginning she made sure that she stayed in contact with us, to ensure that our tenancy agreement went smoothly. The documents and checks were quickly evaluated and we received our response within a day. Since then, we have developed a real relationship with her. We feel comfortable in letting her know when anything might need to be fixed, knowing that it will be done professionally, so that our tenancy agreement is also respected.

Tamison always keeps us in the loop with what is happening either by SMS, email, or through her newsletter. She is extremely professional and non-intrusive in her approach to inspections, which as a tenant I genuinely appreciate, and which as a former owner I would feel very secure with.

Tamison is a warm and friendly person and always puts customer service as her first priority.

We would highly recommend Tamison to anyone considering letting out their properties, or looking for a rental property.

Kindest Regards

Angela and Vince Connell