She makes ownership easy

Lynn Verschoor , 27 Nov 2015

I bought my first investment property in 1984.  Since that time I have owned various rental homes numbering between 1 and 9 at any one time.

In 31 years of rental property ownership, I have only experienced two good property managers and many, many poor ones.

If it weren’t for Tamison, I would have sold my rental properties years ago. Because Tamison takes control and deals with all sides fairly, firmly and thoroughly, she makes ownership easy.  Being prepared to make a decision is a major step forward.  I would always rather have an issue dealt with before it develops into a crisis, and Tamison is excellent at this.  Her unflappable, calm demeanor takes the heat out of difficult situations.

I can recommend Tamison and Rental Platform with great confidence knowing that whatever surprises are in store for you will be pleasant.

Lynn Verschoor 

27th November 2015