Blackwater Property Management FAQs

Closing the Distance Between Agent & Landlord

Staying Connected is Key!

We understand that not all property owners that invest in Blackwater are living locally. With the diversity investing in Blackwater brings to your portfolio, you want a trusted property manager that understands the how this location impacts your investment for cash flow, value and upkeep to maintain both in the current market. Through regular inspections and open lines of communication, we will keep you connected to your investment. With our team’s guidance, you will make educated decisions for tenancy and property matters.
Blackwater Property Management

Why Rental Platform Moved into Blackwater

A frustrated local investor contacted Rental Platform and asked us to bring our agency services to service the wider Blackwater investor community. When we made further enquiry with Blackwater property owners to assess the potential of extending our services from the Gold Coast, we found many owners to be welcoming of having the choice.

Because we have our own investment property in Blackwater, we understood some of the challenges owners were telling us they were facing as we had experienced and do experience some of them first hand.  It is with this understanding we now offer our services to property investors in the area.

Now that we have hit the road running, we recently filled the position for your local resident property manager and are now scouting for a suitable office space. It’s all very exciting!

Blackwater Property Management

Get Value For Your Fees

It is vital our team give you your expectation of value for the fees you pay. Every owner has a different criteria and/or concern. Our team understand that meeting your criteria and addressing your concerns, alleviates your stress and gives you real value.

Rental Platform will work with you to ensure your property is being managed professionally and lawfully. All matters are communicated with you so you can make an educated decision. We will inform you of current rents and the market trend for realistic expectations for a minimal vacancy. Tenants are screened thoroughly for your final decision. Your property is inspected regularly and maintenance is reported and attended to efficiently, so your property is not left to run down.

Rental Platform offers a competitive management percentage with a low cost minimum $ fee to bring you a premium service. Our aim is to resolve your concerns and give you peace of mind knowing your property is in the most capable hands.

Blackwater Property Management

Budgeting Your Rental Income

In the downturn of the mining industry, it is no secret rents have plummeted, making some owner’s mortgage and property costs harder to meet. What the downturn does not alleviate is your ongoing responsibility to maintain your property in good, working repair, pay rates and other investment property related costs.

Nobody likes surprises on their monthly statement. For this reason, we always advise you of maintenance due and if not urgent, confirm we can go ahead and or schedule a date that suits your budget for work to be carried out and the invoice paid. If we cannot reach you, we will act as the management agreement allows. For emergency maintenance action will be taken to ensure your legal obligation and responsibility. A courtesy call or email will always follow.

To support your scheduled expenses such as rates, landlord insurance, body corporate levies, we can retain funds so that funds are available to make payment when due.

Do you want to alleviate your property management concerns?
Call us!
It costs nothing to have the discussion and there is no obligation to move forward if the fit doesn’t feel right.


Our clients are happy and you can be too!

Happy Client

After spending almost 5 years changing real estate agents in Blackwater, I gave my properties to Tamison McFarlane of Rental Platform to manage. Within the first week even before getting a formal handover Tamison did a quick review of the property to advise me of the actual condition supported by site pictures and proposed a plan for rectification of the defects. This was followed by a focused campaign to get my properties rented. Both my houses are now rented and as per Tamison’s advice I have addressed the outstanding issues which if left unattended would have led to deterioration of the houses.

Tamison’s approach is transparent and proactive, always keeping me informed of the developments and her activities related to my houses which gives me peace of mind that my properties and the tenants are well looked after. I recommend Rental Platform to anyone looking for a professional, fair and reasonably priced real estate service in Blackwater.

J. Mistry – Gidyea St, Blackwater

Blackwater Property Management
Happy Client

We have greatly appreciated the hard work and dedication of Tamison McFarlane from Rental Platform; particularly in recent economically challenging times. Her support and professional acumen has enabled us to continue leasing our property in Blackwater, whilst many others in the town have sadly experienced long-term vacancies.
We have found that, despite the Rental Platform’s head office being located outside of the town, the level of service we receive, plus Tamison’s keen understanding of the area’s rental situation, is second to none.

R.Bignell & G.Rooney – Kurrajong St, Blackwater 

Happy Client
Tamison and the Rental Platform team do an excellent job to keep our properties running smoothly. Even though they are not located in the town, the property inspections are carried out regularly, professionally and thoroughly.
Since crossing to Rental Platform our incoming rent is finally up to date. We have less problems with our tenant because of the professional way she deals with them.
Very happy with Rental Platform and would highly recommend their service.
 J. Preston – Boonery St, Blackwater
Happy Client

Tamison from Rental Platform has by far been the best Property Manager we have ever had manage our investment properties. Tamison goes above and beyond in all aspects of property management and we are very grateful that she offers her services in different locations. Even though Tamison is not residing where most of the properties in her portfolio are located she has a team close by to assist when she is not scheduled to be in the town. We highly recommend Tamison and guarantee you will not regret appointing her to manage your investment.

N.Smith & E.Webb – Wattle St, Blackwater